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Treat Yourself to Delicious Healthy Beef


Lost Canyon Cattle Co. is committed to producing high quality Akaushi ‘Wagyu’ Beef for select consumers seeking an exceptional and limited product.

Our modest cattle herd is raised on open pastures and oak woodlands along the Russian River in Northern California.



Never will you have a more juicy, tender, and flavorful cut of beef! 


Akaushi is a Japanese breed of beef cattle. Many know about ‘wagyu beef’, but phonetically ‘Wa Gyu’ translates to Japanese Cow. There are four breeds of Japanese Beef Cattle, Akaushi being one of them.

It is one of the rarest and most sought after breeds of cattle in the world.

The word Akaushi means “red cattle” in Japanese. Red Wagyu and “Akaushi” are synonymous, possessing the same genetics. The only difference between Red Wagyu and Akaushi is in the name.


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Locally Raised, Grain Finished


Our modest cattle herd is raised on open pastures and oak woodlands along the Russian River in Northern California. Native clovers, grasses, oaks & acorns and artesian springs provide a rich nutrient and an optimal environment to produce the special Akaushi Beef we are proud to deliver to our family, friends, and customers.

Our principles of sustainable range management keep our herd at a modest and manageable level. Interior fencing allows us to move cattle based on forage availability and to protect from over grazing without added antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Lost Canyon Cattle Co. is a proud member of The American Akaushi Association, which was established to promote the Akaushi breed. 

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"This is the most amazing meat from a sustainable ranch that is free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides. Excellent flavor and tenderness, Personable service and best prices for this high quality beef! I highly recommend!!" - Karyn B.




Full, Halves & Quarters Are Available to Family, Friends and Select Customers


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