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We knew we needed to offer a specialized heritage beef breed that offered distinct value.


Lost Canyon Cattle Company (LC3) is a joint venture between long term ranching families.

Our families collectively have lived in this area and owned the ranch for more than 50 years. We care about being the best stewards of the land to protect and improve the habitat.

Our principles of sustainable range management keeps our herd at a modest and manageable level. Interior fencing allows us to move cattle based on forage availability and to protect from over grazing without added antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Our cattle are grown out without added antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

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Our deep agricultural roots and passion for amazing beef fueled our journey to constantly improve our herd to produce an outstanding beef product. For decades, we had raised 100% Angus cattle for the broad market, but in 2014 our families were ready for a new challenge. We decided that we wanted to sell directly to customers and knew we needed to offer a specialized heritage beef breed that offered distinct value.

Overhauling our ranch operations and business model from the well-known Angus industry to a nearly unknown breed was a gamble and scary proposition. Selecting the correct breed of cattle was the most important decision we have had to make in decades. We knew we had to get it right the first-time.  After nearly a year of research and consultation we still hadn't settled on a breed that would fit our plans. But, after serendipitous meeting with a butcher near San Antonio, Texas the trajectory of our journey was narrowing into a decision. We were introduced to Akaushi!

Thus began our new path of producing the very best and healthiest beef possible. We are confident you will appreciate and love Akaushi beef, the taste experience at your table and the health benefits you will celebrate.  Those first steaks we took home to grill, would prove to spoil us for life! Never had we had a juicier, tender, and flavorful cut of beef! As soon as we returned home to California, we arranged a purchase of two Akaushi bulls from Heartbrand Beef of Flatonia, Texas.


Learn more about the Akaushi breed of beef cattle.


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